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Monday, February 24, 2014

Med side effect and grandkids

I haven't blogged for a long time, so thought it was time to start again.

Sometime before Christmas I was watching TV in the bedroom and moved the rocking chair so I could see it better. At 10:30 I was ready to go to bed and moved the rocker--right into my leg. I looked down and saw blood gushing like a volcano out of one of those Hawaiian Islands.

Did I mention I don't do well with blood?

Hubby was sleeping in the family room with the TV blaring and I decided the bleeding would stop soon. Band aid after band aid I was still gushing, then put a lot of gauze over it and went to bed. I know, I should've gone for stitches, but who wants to sit in ER at that hour and wait for someone to get the thread and needle out and stitch your leg?

I kept doctoring the leg, sure any day it would be healed. I never had trouble healing. Besides, Christmas was coming up soon and another baby was entering the world, Larry had leg problems and was in treatment, and I volunteered a few hours a week in grandson Noah's Kindergarten class.

Christmas Day arrived, but we won't talk about that drama, the baby arrived, Tyler Phoenix Ana Hase, then New Years. And the leg still wasn't healed.

February was about to arrive and the leg still hadn't healed. I had a talk with the leg. "Damn it! Get over this. I don't have time for more doctor appointments." I visited my primary doctor again. He said to keep any eye on it.  How could I not? 

Two more weeks passed and I called and said okay, my leg still isn't healed. Ok so perhaps you need to see a wound doctor, Primary said. Meanwhile, here's some antibiotics. Another three weeks I got to see Wound Doctor. He gave me two more antibiotics.

I don't know about you, but I never read that long list of side effects. If I did, I'd never take any medications. Along with the antibiotics, Wound Doctor gave me some witch's brew to clean the wound with. Cleaning an open wound hurts like the devil, but I could do this, and wear lots of gauze over it.

But then I went to lunch on the second day of drugs and picked up my grands from school. I noticed I was getting cold. Real cold. We're talking about Florida here. 

Noah gets in the car and I ask how his day was.

"Not good. I got into trouble and I'm on red now."

"What did you do?"

"We'll talk about it when we get home." 
That sounded serious.

Then Emma gets into the car and I ask the same question.

"Good. I now have 25 dog bones."

Noah: "You have 25 dog bones? I only have one and it's for Art."

(dog bones are some type of awards at the school)

Noah grumbled the whole way home. When we got home, Larry gave him his  usual chocolate milk, but in his haste of being upset over Emma having more dog bones he yanked with the pop-up on his cup and milk came flying out all over him.

"It's your fault, Papaw! You put too much milk in here."

Meanwhile, the side effects of one of the meds kicked in big time with me. I wrapped up in blankets and shivered, had a headache, and even my teeth rattled. I called the doc 's office and was told medicine x was probably causing it. I read the paper and yep, I had a lot of those things going on.

My leg is slowly healing, we will pick up the kids in a bit and hopefully, Noah had a good day!


Mary Ellen Carmody said...

Hi Dee - just read your blog - LOL I know its not funny and I hope it has healed by now.

Dee Hendershot Gatrell said...

Mary Ellen, yes, the leg healed. Then I got the shingles, which was fun, and two weeks into them I had a mini stroke. Thankfully, I still have a brain and no damage.