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Saturday, March 20, 2010


I'm a finalist for another Chicken Soup Story. It's about my cousins and me having to wear clothing from chicken feed bags. I hope it sells--won't know until September.

If I can figure out how to attach this book trailer I juat received I'll post it. I've never done this before.

We have another grandson, Sterling Connor. He's the brother of Hurricane Emma and Noah and Holden.

We had the Hurricane for three days. She got ticked at her Pappaw because he told her she was spoiled. And she got ticked because she was told to apologize to Maggie, our dog, for doing something to make her yelp. Of course, she said she didn't do anything. I caught her taking Icarus's mouth and make it open and close like a puppet's, she got on the floor face to face and growled at Zeus and he snapped at her.

Noah got his first haircut here the other day. It's still longish. I'll try to post picks here.