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Monday, July 16, 2007

Hair Dye

Have anyone else ever noticed that your hair never turns out the same color as they show on the hair dye box? You follow directions. You leave it on X amount of time. You rinse it out. But yet when the color is supposed to be light ash brown--it turns out--get this--BLACK!

Yes, I now have black hair. Far cry from the shade on the box.

Yet, when I get it dyed professionally, it turns out pretty close to the swatch they show me. But sometimes you have to economize and do your own hair, which was the case this past weekend. I mean, why spend that money at the beauty shop when you see those ads on TV that shows how easy it is to acheive the color you want.

Now I know why!

Perhaps I should've used the dye on my white schnauzers who are a dirty gray most of the time from the dirt in the yard as they run a race around and around, stirring up the leaves and sand.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

A life in Dee's day--or so

Boy, it's been a while since I have blogged. OK, what excuse can I give you?

Hmm. My dogs wouldn't let me on the computer? Yeah, that's it. Zeus was blogging, telling everyone about his bad brother, Icarus, and his tattle-tale sister, Maggie.

Zeus wants to play with them. But he can't keep up with them. They run off with the toys or sticks and he tries to chase after them. He simply gives up and hangs out with the old folks.

Hey, Zeus has a birthday on July 28, same as granddaughter Shelby's. Only she likes cats, not dogs!

The babies in the family are growing fast. Autumn turned a year old June 9 and Emma is almost 7 months old. Autumn is serious--takes everything in. And now that she's walking, Zeus doesn't like her. I have no idea why a walking baby scares him, but since he snapped at her, he has to be locked away from her. Icarus, on the other hand, puts up with the babies and Maggie wants to take over as their mothers.

And let's not forget that Dave and Lynn were married a year ago June 10th on our deck. And guess what? They are still madly in love! Maybe I should include them in a romance novel, huh?

Writing--my muse died for a while--but he's returning slowly.

Writing for the confessions is at a stand still for many of us. They've had big changes with their editors and other personnel. A lot of us have decided to take a break from them and do other writing. Or work on our novels.

Novels--Take This Mop and Shove It--I'm working on revisions so I can send it to Wild Rose Press and hope they like it enough to buy it.

Revisions on Death Came to Dinner--a romantic suspense.

Revisions on Home Sweet Home--a woman's fiction.

Time to send out Coming Home to one of the Harlequins--now just do it,


I sent out a story to Women's World. The WW loop I'm on has seen more rejections than sales, so that's what I'm expecting, too! But I hope not. My story is entitled Fancy Pants.
One of my son's has epilepsy--petit mal. He had been seizure free for four years and then started having seizures again. His meds had to be changed. But what an ordeal he had to go through. Scary stuff.
I am now the Guppy Web Liason. The Guppies are a fun group. I'm also active with Volusia County Romance Writers. And I'm a member of many other writing groups! It seems once you began writing, you just can't stop.
I have been a newspaper reporter and then worked for 15 years as an educational advisor. So at least I have things to pull from, right? LOL!
That's about it from here for now. Wish you all well.