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Friday, February 22, 2013

Those who love our pets

Blog 02/21/2013 Dogs

For those of us that love their pets, who think of them as family members, it’s hard watching them age.

Maggie, our shepherd rescue dog, is now about 12-years-old. Her hips are giving out and she limps at times, just like my husband Larry and I do. She is a wonderful dog and loves to play with the grandkids when they are here. But after a few hours of throw the stick and let me bring it back for you to throw it again..and again..well, she never gives up. When they go home, she has a hard time moving. Last week Maggie was  disappointed when Larry told the kids not to throw sticks for her. He worried about her being able to walk when they left. The question is, do we let her have fun in her last years, or try to make it so she doesn’t hurt so much?

Last week we thought she was dying. We found her in the bathroom lying on the floor and not moving. Later she moved to the toilet area. She wasn’t eating or drinking water like she usually did. Then we started getting her cereal bowls with water in them and she drank and drank, but still ate no food.

 After a few hours she followed Larry to the family room and moved to her pillow. He kept bowls of water there all night long and he made sure she drank. The next day she ate a little, peed in the house several times, which is something she never does, but again, wouldn’t go outside or eat.

But the next day when I got up to let Zeus and Icarus out, she went with them. I got her a bowl of dry food and mixed in wet food, and she ate. We were like two kids, excited because Maggie ate. Sounds silly, but to watch her recover was like watching a miracle. We thought for sure it was the end of her life.

This morning we took her to the vet when Icarus went for his flu shot. Yes, dogs need them, too! The vet checked her and said her heart is still strong, and yes she has arthritis in her hind legs, but for her age she’s doing great. I really think if Larry hadn’t stayed with her all night that first night she wouldn’t have made it. She now has pills for her pain and she got her nails cut, which she hated.

Larry had to lift her into the truck. Sad to see she can’t jump on her own any longer.

Zeus, who is an 8-year-old schnauzer, loves to go to the vet, gets all excited as soon as he sees that yellow building. Icarus, who is soon to be eight, too, has this attitude of okay I’m here. Pick me up so I can see over the counter. Maggie is scared. She gets to shedding something awful when she is there. Funny thing is, it’s Zeus who has had the surgeries—broken leg, spider bite and other odd things—and he loves to go there. Maggie only gets shots, as does Icarus.

I was watching a show on TV, forget the name of it, but it’s about two gay guys who have a surrogate mother and they will take the baby when it’s born. 

They had an adorable puppy who they treated like a baby. They were practicing fatherhood on the puppy. The puppy got something wrong with it, and they rushed it to the vet. Turns out he had gas, but they wanted to keep it overnight. Then the vet folks took it for a walk—I don’t think they ever do that—and the dog got hit by a car and died. I am still ticked over that. They should never have killed off the dog! It’s a goofy show, but I like watching it. I think I simply like stupid shows that make me laugh.

What do you think of them killing the dog off in the show off?