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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Family Time

Our family keeps growing--and growing. We are about to have baby #11. How did folks keep up with all those kids in the old days? No wonder my grandmother Hendershot--at child #10-didn't name him for a year. She must've been so hassled by keeping up with those kids she simply couldn't think of adding another name. They called him Baby the first year. Then they finally settled on Lester. He was called Casey.

Back to our family. We had a get-together on Friday night. Michelle and her son were here from Sarasota. Diana and two of her kids arrived. Chris and Sandra and their four, along with Chris' oldest daughter, Ashley, and her daugher and fiance were here, too. The kids enjoyed the pool. There was plenty of food and good to chat with everyone.

Autumn saw the picture on the wall from her birthday party and wanted to know how I got it. I said I took the picture. She said, "Were you there?" Then she said to her Pappaw, "You didn't come to my birthday party." He told her yes, in fact, he was at both of her parties.

The Hurricane and Holden went home with their Aunt Michelle for a week, giving their mom almost a break. She still has the Clinger and the Bakery.

Don't ask!

Another Day in Paradise

Here is it, Sunday already. Before I know it I'll be back at work.

I did get my first three chapters from Home Sweet Home to the agent, and I've worked on the first five chapters of Home at Last (Yep, I need new titles) to send to the editor. But first, I have to work on the synopsis.

I attended  Romance Writers of America National Conference last week It was held at the Dolphin at Disney this year. Only problem--the place is so huge and I walked until I thought my legs would fall off!

The PRO retreat was great. Donald Maas was one of the speakers, and he is really good and keeps you entertained, along with giving good advice about writing. He says to write good women's fiction you need to be pissed off about something--anything--but let it out. Hmm. I think I can do that.

The agent I met was nice and easy to talk to. I worried about the editor, but I liked her. She, too, was easy to speak with.

My one regret is I didn't attend more workshops. Why? Because I had to walk and walk and by the time I found it I missed it!

Happy Writing everyone!