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Thursday, January 08, 2015

I'm still alive!

Here it is, January 7, 2015. My mom's birthday was this day, and it is the Serbian (and other) Orthodox Christmas.

Than tomorrow is Elvis's birthday. There's a woman at the Curves I go to who is a huge Elvis fan. She said he'll be 80 years old and he's still alive. She said it was a wax figure in his coffin.

No, this woman isn't a nut case, she's funny as all get out and has more energy than anyone else who exercises there. She said she has an entire attic filled with Elvis everything. (Ha, maybe his body is there, too!)

I have sent my dysfunctional family novel off and hoping it will sell. I have lots of family to pull things from, and also have met a lot of folks in my life to get ideas from. All writers do. We turn on the TV and  hear stories which give us ideas of what to write.

So anyhow, I decided it was time I wrote on my blog again, didn't realize it had been so long.

I took Zeus, my 10-year-old schnauzer for an Xray today at the vet's office. Seems he has bladder stones--like kidney stones. I have learned that schnauzers are prone to everything. They refer to him as our million $$$$ dog. He has had a broken leg, got bit by a spider and had to have surgery, skin infections, got something in his eye and had to have it removed, and I can't even remember everything else. He needs surgery now, but my husband says he's old and could end up with more problems like hubby did this past year. I'm saying it isn't like he has cancer. They can remove the stones and he'll be fine. Right?

Noah, our autistic 6-year-old grandson has some strange ideas. Either he'll grow up to be someone who can really think out of the box, or he'll be some sort of wild preacher. He told my husband when hubby dies and goes to Heaven, if he's good God may give him  new blood and he can come back.

He said to me, "Gammy, you are really old.  You are a hundred and two plus fifty." Well thank you , grandson!

And that is what's sort of new with me. Off to do more writing. My story, I Hate Valentine's Day, will be in February True Story magazine, if anyone can find it.

Working on a story for Lobster Cove, Wild Rose Press, so need to close and work on it.