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Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Noah, Floods and Dee's Kid's Clothing

Noah has arrived--and so has the floods

Noah arrived on August 27. He's our 9th grandchild. And where did I shop for him? At Dee's Kids Clothing, of course!

The tropical storm, Fay, sat over us until a day or two before Noah made his way into the world. I told my son, "It's your fault we had all this rain, since you decided to name the baby Noah!" Did I mention we had 20 inches of rain in our yard?

Luckily, we sit high enough and our ground was so parched from years of draught, that it sucked all the rain water up.

However, not eveyone around here was so lucky. We went to the Post Office in Orange City--about 5 miles from us--and couldn't get to it. The streets around it had deep water and was blocked off. Everywhere we went in Orange City there was flooding. Shopping strip malls were ruined. And in Deltona and Debary, Sanford and Oveido, there are many housing developments with flooded streets and water in their homes. The folks on the river have water creeping up further every day. Some say they've lived there for twenty and more years and never had this.
We once lived in Winter Springs. Let me tell you, in Florida, they let builders build in the swamps. Our yard used to have water an inch deep whenever we had any heavy rains--and these weren't from tropical storms or hurricanes--just regular rain storms.

We learned to check out places before buying. Low land--don't buy--don't build.
Anyhow, back to Baby Noah. There was a cartoon in the newspaper where they asked for captions. This one had a small pickup truck pulling Noah's Ark. I had to send my caption: "I told you we shouldn't have named the baby Noah!" I'll let you know if it's picked as the winner or not--but it was so perfect!

Baby Noah is looking better each time we see him. Let's face it, they come out red and puffy and their heads look cone-ish! He has a lot of dark hair with a receding hairline--just like his daddy!

His sister, Hurricane Emma, was none to happy when she first met him. Her mama couldn't lift her, but could hold that baby and she didn't like that. She's settled down and accepting Noah, sort of like he's another puppy around the house. Big brother, Holden, is doing okay with the two little ones. Emma climbed into the basinette the other day when her mom was changing little Noah. Her mom saw her head pop up. She had to go to time out!

She stayed with us for a day. There's nothing she hasn't discovered in the house--from Q-tips to baseballs in her Pappaw's one drawer. She knows where all the toys are and finds all of them!

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Baby Noah arrives

First it was Fay--and she delivered 20 inches of rain at our house. Luckily, the ground was dry and we didn't flood like a lot of folks around here did.

Then came Noah a few days later. I told my son that it was his fault that we had so much rain--he had decided to name the baby Noah before Fay was on the horizen!

Baby Noah weighed in at 7 lb 4 0z. Emma wasn't happy with her parents having a new baby. We took her to the hospital and she was ticked because Mommy couldn't pick her up. How dare she hold a new baby and not her? It didn't matter that Daddy lifted her up on the bed.

She was really ticked when her dad placed her into our car and walked away. She screamed Daddy! Daddy! for at least five minutes. Then the next five minutes were spent yelling Mommy! Mommy! But then it got worse--I WANT MY BINKIE! Well, honey, Gammy forgot your binkie. It's at our house and we'll be there soon. But not soon enough!

Once we got her home and fed, she was fine. Food does wonder for a woman--er girl.

We refer to Emma as Hurricane Emma. She is fast moving, into everything--really nosy. Let's see--Q-tips? Yep, she found them--over and over again. Baseballs in Pappaw's drawer? Humm. Wonder how far I can throw them. Water laying on top of the tub with chemicals in it behind the spa--water left over from Fay. Splash! Splash! Oh, I can blow bubbles in them too. Well, I could until Gammy came to grab me! She was on the phone--thought I could get away with it.

Today: Emma climbed into the basinette. Good thing Noah wasn't in it. Emma is spending a lot of time in "time out" these days. She knows she's not supposed to do things and then gets this cute little grin on her face!

But scold her and you'd think you beat her. I tapped her on her bare bottom because she wouldn't stay out of th Q-tips and I was trying to both of us out of our bathing suits. She ran through the house and onto the back porch yelling "Pappaw! Pappaw!" Guess she wanted to report me for child abuse! He yelled at her later for trying to dump the dog's food. She cried and this time she wanted me.

And this is the tale of Hurricane Emma.

We should be so lucky if Hurricane Hanna and Ike are as kind to us!


A day at Gammy and Pappaw's

20 month old Emma getting out of pool

Noah, 6 days old

Imp Emma

Holden and Emma
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